Using just our body weight, we are going to go through a great circuit workout working opposing muscle groups back to back.
This is a ladder set, where we are going to climb up the ladder, and then right back down, increasing by 5 reps to the top, and then decreasing by 5 on the way back down.  (5, 10, 15, 20, 15, 10, 5).  The exercises are paired back to back with an opposing muscle group and alternate between upper and lower body movements in order to help you get through the entire set with good form.

The Set:

  • Squats/Side Lunges
  • Pushups/Prone Cobras
  • Mountain Climbers/Glute Bridges
  • Scapular Push Ups/Planks–>Push Up
  • Burpees/Jumping Lunges

The way the set works, round 1, you do 5 reps of all of the exercises in a row.  rest 30 -45 seconds.  Then do 10 reps of all these exercises in a row and rest 30-45 seconds.  Then do 15, rest, 20, rest, and then back down!  During the rest, get those deep breaths in ands HR’s down as much as possible.  Then go all out during the work.  Focus on proper form, especially on the way back down when you’re going to be tired.