Tabatas are an amazing way to get a great fat scorching workout in only 20 minutes. The simple 20 seconds of work/10 second rest allows you to quickly and effectively work your muscles to not only burn calories, but tone in no time!

Tabata sets are simple…In the break down anyway. The actual workout is a little harder. Do 8 rounds of the same exercise; 20 seconds of exercise, 10 second break, and repeat 7 more times for 8 rounds. The key, count the number of reps you do in the first round and try to keep that same number for all 8 rounds. With 10 seconds of rest after only 20 seconds of work, you assume thats easy. Its not! However, as long as you keep moving as much as you can, the tabata set will be a success. Push yourself as hard as you can for those 8 rounds, take a minute break, and then move on to the next set, which is 8 rounds of the next exercise.

This bodyweight tabata set consist of 4 different exercises: Each one is 8 rounds of the same exercise and then move on to the next set with a different exercise.
Set 1 – Push Ups or Rock n’ Push
Set 2 – Jumping Lunges or Reverse Lunges
Set 3 – Swimmers
Set 4 – Burpees
Rest 1 minute after each set (round of 8) and then move to the next set.

Like I said, try to do the same number all 8 rounds, but the most important thing is to keep moving. If you get tired in the middle of a set, try to slow down and keep moving. But try your best to only rest during the 10 second breaks and then at the minutes break between sets.

Enjoy this amazing workout, and as always…Let me know if you have any questions!


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