Hip Flexor Stretch

Step 1

Starting Position: From a kneeling position place the left knee on the floor (or stretch mat) directly under the left hip, and place the right foot in front of the right hip so that the right knee is directly over the right ankle and the right hip is in a position of ninety (90) degrees.  Place both hands gently on the right thigh to help maintain a straight, tall spine.

Step 2

Depress and retract your scapulae (pull your shoulders down and back) without arching your low back, “brace” (engage your abdominal/core muscles) to stiffen your spine and keep your pelvis level (and stable).  Lean forward into your right hip while keeping your left knee pressed into the ground, do not allow your pelvis to rotate to the anterior (forward).  To increase the stretch to the left hip flexors, squeeze and contract the glute muscles of your left hip.

Step 3

Hold the stretch position for 30-45 seconds at a time for a total of 2-5 repetitions; try to move into the stretch a little deeper with each repetition, but be sure to keep your core braced to not allow the pelvis to rotate and lose the stretch.  Complete all repetitions on one side before alternating to the other hip.

Step 4

Exercise Variation: To increase the intensity of the stretch raise the left arm straight in the air and tilt slightly to the right side and you lean forward into the right hip; be sure to alternate sides.

Keep the abdominals engaged throughout the entire stretch, this will ensure that the pelvis remains level and will provide the greatest results from the stretch.  To reduce any soreness in the knee on the ground, place an Airex pad or a rolled-up stretch mat under the knee.
Dedicated To Making Health Your Habit,
Coach Mychael

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