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For The Last Time


There’s so much information out there. How do you know which health and fitness advice to follow? Our programs are tailored to you and provide…

  • A coach in your corner to help guide you through every step of your journey and help weed out the misinformation.
  • Personalized workouts based on your ability level and schedule..
  • Nutrition education on healthy eating habits. Say goodbye to fad diets (who can live on cabbage soup and if the taco diet worked, we would all be on it!)
  • Motivation! With a coach at your fingertips, you will get the motivation to help you stay consistent and on track.
  • A fitness community. Accountability is key to reaching your goals and it’s always easier when you have friends on the same journey.

Most people want to make a change, but they don’t know where to start or what advice to follow. With Elite Physiques, this can be the last time you start your journey!

What are you looking to change?

  • Get rid of excess weight
  • Alleviate health concerns
  • Eliminate joint pain
  • Feel comfortable in a bathing suits
  • Increase sex drive
  • Overcome body image issues

The Elite Physiques system can help with all of these things because each program is tailored to the individual. Our system is for anyone and everyone who is ready to get in shape.  There are too many high intensity programs out there for people who already have a great fitness base, but  nothing for people who are just getting started…until now!

Our approach is unique, because we start at YOUR fitness level and work on the basics of form and movement patterns, gradually increasing the intensity as you are ready.

The motivation you will feel from being able to complete the workouts and move without pain means you will be more likely to stick with the program and reach your goals.

We promise you will:

  • Learn proper form
  • Have fewer injuries
  • Experience less muscle soreness
  • Complete all the workouts
  • Stick with the program because you WILL be able to do the workouts
  • See RESULTS!!

Skeptical? Let us prove it to you! Come and try it our yourself.

At Elite Physiques, our mission is not only to help you achieve your health goals, but to surpass them.

Being healthy isn’t a quick fix; it’s about changing your lifestyle, your mindset and transforming your body. We know there are a lot of gyms and “trainers” out there who can walk you through a generic workout, but we personalize each plan to make sure you are successful. The programs at Elite Physiques are created to help you achieve success, because we know you don’t have to be an Olympian to have ambitious health goals.

Through a fusion of circuit training, intervals and core strengthening, our functional movements will not only help you look better, they will make you feel better as well. Using various simple pieces of equipment and body weight, we vary the exercises to prevent your body from reaching a plateau, while making sure you are never bored. We know it won’t be easy, but we promise it will be worth it. And as your coach and trainer, we are here for support and motivation throughout the entire process. Let’s start making healthy your habit today!


Power Core Workout
Lucky 13 Bodyweight Endurance Circuit
One Sided Cord Workout

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We can’t be everywhere with our personal training (although we wish we could), but thanks to our online programming and communities, we can train wherever you are!

Personal Training

We recently opened our new Bay Area studio! If you’re local, set up an appointment for an in-person session with our head trainer/founder. The personal training programs at Elite Physiques are customized programs designed specifically for you in order to obtain your health goals.



Mychael is a certified personal trainer and Wellness Coach with over 15 years of experience. He holds numerous certifications in personal training, coaching, and nutritionMychael is based in the Bay Area, but travels nationwide for clients and fitness events.

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