How Can Social Media Negatively Impact My Fitness Goals?

Social media can help with a variety of things including enhancing social connections, becoming more aware of community events, and giving you more information about happenings in the real world. Unfortunately, it can cause harm in a great deal of areas such as fitness goals as well. Here’s a look at four examples of how social media can negatively impact your fitness goals.

Unrealistic Expectations

Anyone who has ever used social media knows that when you log on you immediately see people who seem happier, healthier and better looking than you. When you look at social media, it can become too easy to forget that you are looking at a curated life, not a real one. As a result, social media enhances the development of unrealistic expectations.

Hurting Your Mental Health

Unfortunately, one of the biggest problems with social media today is that it can negatively impact your mental health. Too much social media use is tied directly to depression. This is for many reasons, including the way that social media breaks traditional relationships with people and leads to excessive fear of missing out on other events. This can hurt your fitness goals, as poor mental health is often tied to less exercise.

Wasting Time

It’s estimated that people use social media for 2 hours each day on average. That is not a small number, and more often than not, time is wasted that could be used more productively. If you ever feel like you don’t have enough time to exercise, keep this in mind. Try monitoring or reducing your social media use and seeing if that makes it easier for you to exercise. Remember, it takes a conscious effort to beat procrastination.

Equipment Envy

How many times have you seen someone exercising on social media, only to see them at a high-end gym with the latest and greatest equipment? Does that make you feel like this is what you need to exercise? It shouldn’t. You can get a great workout without spending a dime, and social media can be dangerous here because it can trick you into thinking that you need money to work out.

Social media can be harmful, but less so if you know what you are looking at. The harm that social media can bring is dramatically reduced if you pay attention to all of its negative impacts. Don’t let social media ruin your fitness routine.


Dedicated To Making Healthy Your Habit,

Coach Mychael