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Dehydration Is Keeping You Fat

Keeping your body hydrated should not be an afterthought, or something you randomly choose to do. If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, or have any weight loss or fitness goals, hydration is that “magic pill” you have been searching for and should be the first thing you look to correct.  It’s one of the easiest […]

Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions This Year

According to popular statistics, only 8% of New Year’s Resolutions are successfully kept. This means that 92% of us that are brave enough to set out for self-improvement will fail. Those aren’t very good odds. Thankfully there is science that explains this curious “Snap-Back Effect” and offers us tools to make the effect work in […]

The Power Of Habit

When it comes to being healthy, there are two habits that will define your success; eating and exercise. In fact, everyone that you know who is in great shape has dialed in these two important habits. If you aren’t happy with your body, it’s time to think about gradually making some adjustments to your eating and […]