Dedicated To Making Healthy Your Habit

Are you tired of the yo-yo diets, failed magic pill remedies and the painful extreme workouts that were never meant for beginners, which leave you sore for days or even injured?

Are you finally ready to lose your belly, feel energized, and tone up your body so you feel sexy naked?  AND Keep It Off?  Without complicated diets or workouts designed for soldiers?

I’m sure you are, and I know Elite Physiques can help. Whether you choose our online program or personal training, our programs all follow the same philosophy to ensure your success:

  1. Start slowly from wherever you are
  2. Gradually increase exercise intensity as your body is ready
  3. Slowly learn and add healthy eating habits (a new one every 2 weeks)
  4. Motivate and coach you through the entire process.
  5. ​See results!

We know health and fitness takes on many forms, and is different for everyone. Our goal is to help you clarify what health and fitness means for you, find your goals, create a program to help you achieve those goals, keep you motivated along the way, and most importantly, learn to gradually create healthy habits you can keep for life.

Our philosophy is that there is not a quick fix to getting healthy, but instead requires the gradual introduction of healthy habits, a proper exercise regimen, and a nutrition plan you can stick to.

If you’re finally ready to get healthy and get the same proven results as our other clients, let’s get started!

Come and train with us at our studio in Concord, or get in shape with one of our online programs.

Personal Training

We are excited to open our new Concord studio! The personal training programs at Elite Physiques are customized programs designed specifically for you in order to obtain your health goals.

Online Programs

We can’t  be everywhere with our personal training!  But thanks to our online programming and communities, we can train you wherever you are!

Personal Training – Programs and Results Created For You

With over 17 years of fitness and personal training experience, Mychael Shannon and Elite Physiques know how to build a personalized plan that creates RESULTS. We know your time is valuable, and the main reason you are here is to obtain your goals.  We understand you are busy and want to help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible, and as efficiently as you can.

An educated and passionate trainer, Mychael’s approach to fitness goes beyond a series of cookie cutter workout sessions. The workouts:

  • Are created personally for you to ensure your goals are achieved. 
  • Are uniquely planned to strengthen and tone while incinerating fat.
  • Begin with a fitness assessment and movement analysis, to determine fitness objectives and evaluate the starting point. He then designs a personalized and targeted workout routine to meet specific goals within a set time frame.
  • Focus on proper form and technique to avoid injury.
  • Are highly efficient and produce optimal results.

Training with Mychael can go well beyond gym workouts. With many options for support and guidance, obtaining your goals will not be a problem.  Choose from:

  • Private training sessions
  • Small group training sessions (2-5)
  • Online Coaching – Training plans, coaching and meal plans
  • Nutritional Consultations
  • Meal Planning

His nutritional guidance and innovative training techniques create proven results for anyone seeking a more healthy life. A workout you’ll look forward to, Mychael’s motivational support and one-on-one training inspires his client reach their goals. Let Mychael help you take your fitness to the next level!